11-12-2017 13:29
Cornwall Council opposed it because of the number of HMOs for students in the town
10-12-2017 13:02
A Coastwatch volunteer is "stuck to the wall" by wind gusting to 92mph at Prawle Point in Devon.
09-12-2017 22:41
Significant snowfall is forecast for the weekend, with warnings some communities could be cut off.
09-12-2017 16:31
If Cornwall Council presses ahead with its plans, seven of the county's nine centres will be forced ...
08-12-2017 15:30
'The need for outstanding comprehensive post-16 education has never been greater'
08-12-2017 10:00
Job roles include everything from firefighting to helping families cross the road on their school co...
08-12-2017 07:03
A predictive text app has added Cornish to its list of languages.
07-12-2017 15:17
The A30 has been partially closed again to allow vegetation work to take place
07-12-2017 14:16
Work will get underway early next year
07-12-2017 13:22
'We're really looking forward to working with the BBC to ensure our local politicians are always p...
06-12-2017 15:33
Cormac has 25 gritters ready and waiting for the call
05-12-2017 08:31
Sgt Harry Tangye asked fellow police officers if they feel ambulance waiting times are becoming long...
04-12-2017 06:52
John Dardis didn't let his injury spoil the romance - popping the question while waiting for paramed...
03-12-2017 16:39
The animal had fallen into a slurry pit during the blaze, which destroyed the building.